‘Life’s four big questions’ focus of Christian speaker’s presentation at UK–Ravi Zacharias

Zacharias, who won the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association’s Gold Medallion of Excellence Christian Book Award for Can Man Live Without God?, said that he felt the need to further spread the ideals behind Christian apologetics in a practical manner.

“Christian apologetics is the defense or justification of Christianity’s truth claims,” Zacharias explained. Apologetics allow people to look at religion with an open mind, he said.

“Apologetics does not dominate our message; it undergirds our message. Argument doesn’t save people, but it certainly clears the obstacles so they can take a direct look at the cross,” he said, adding that he likes to involve the crowd in discussion through an open forum.

One’s view of the world is directly related to ways in which we each answer questions pertaining to origin, meaning, morality and destiny, Zacharias said. Complete article, here

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