Amplifying Evangelism—One Critical Component in Becoming an Engaging Church

In a few weeks, a very special conference on evangelism will take place at Wheaton College called Amplify. It’s a bit of a mystery why there aren’t more conferences like this in light of the fact that so few churches are actually growing through evangelism. Maybe there’s a connection.

Just look at the worship movement that’s swept across the world. Worship conferences and seminars abound. These conferences have become catalysts that help identify and train worship leaders who are providing local churches of all types and sizes with an incredible worship experience. It would be hard to find a church that doesn’t have a worship leader or a worship team consistently laboring to help inspire every believer to be a worshipper. I’m convinced that if we follow this same pattern we would see evangelism become just as prevalent as worship.

With a few adjustments they can become “engaging churches.” These are congregations that are intentionally equipping believers to engage unbelievers with the gospel. It starts with finding and releasing these evangelism leaders who will build an evangelism team that equips the body of believers in this vital ministry. In scripture, these leaders are called evangelists. When these evangelists are identified and trained, they will provide the consistent leadership that can transform any church into an engaging church.

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