Apologetics conference speakers underscore ‘truth in love’

NEW ORLEANS (BP) -– Apologetics experts from across the nation took the stage at Defend ’19, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s weeklong apologetics conference, Jan. 7-11.

“Christians have always needed to be able to state what they believe clearly and to defend their faith when asked to give a reason for the hope that they have in Christ,” said Robert Stewart, Defend director. “But today in our postmodern, post-Christian, post-truth culture it is especially important that we be winsome ambassadors for Christ who share the truth in love in the power of God’s Spirit.”

Plenary speakers included Frank Turek, coauthor of “I Don’t have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” and Chris Brooks, pastor and radio host of “Equipped with Chris Brooks.”

Turek, president of CrossExamined.org, told the 350 attendees that the truth of the Christian faith centers on four questions: Does truth exist? Does God exist? Are miracles possible? Is the New Testament true? If the answer is “yes” to each question, then the Christian faith must be true, he stated.

Regarding the existence of truth, Turek said, “If there is no truth, then Christianity can’t be true. Of course, if there is no truth, atheism can’t be true, either.”

Going further, Turek noted that people more often reject God for emotional reasons than for lack of evidence.

“Most people are not looking for the truth, they’re running from it,” he said. “But the only way to find happiness is straight through truth. Jesus is truth.” (For complete article, here)

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