Christian Convert Nabeel Qureshi Says There Is No Basis to Claim Muhammad Is a Prophet

Best-selling author and Muslim-turned-Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi has written a new book that highlights inconsistencies and errors within Islam, which he says opened his eyes and helped him come to the decision to abandon the religion and embrace Christianity over 11 years ago.

Qureshi released his new book No God But One: Allah or Jesus? on Tuesday with the hopes of helping believers who are on the fence between Islam and Christianity to make sense of the historical evidence, which he believes favors the truth of Christianity.

Having authored The New York Times best-seller Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus in 2014, Qureshi, the son of Pakistani immigrants who grew up as an Ahmadi Muslim, told The Christian Post this week that while his first book detailed the “heart” of his testimony, No God But One highlights the “mind” behind his decision to go against his family’s wishes and convert to Christianity.

Qureshi told CP that his conversion came about four years after one of his college friends, David Wood, challenged his Muslim faith and made strong arguments for Christianity.

“This friend, instead of just playing dead, like most Christians did, he actually tried to defend Christianity and show me the issues with Islam. It is real easy to do once you try, but no one else had,” Qureshi explained in an interview. “Because of that, I was ultimately opened to a lot of evidence I probably never would have considered.”

After studying Christianity for over three years and becoming convinced that claims in Christianity are consistent with historical facts, Qureshi then spent one year studying Islam. At the time, Qureshi said he thought that although the evidence for Christianity was strong, the evidence for Islam “must be stronger.” However, that is not what he found. For complete article, here

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