College students need apologetics in face-off against atheist professors

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (Christian Examiner) – “Dad, I don’t believe in God anymore.”

An apologetics training in response to an increasing number of grieving parents who have heard these words from their college students looks at ways students can speak respectfully, but firmly to their professors, many of whom are atheists.

The instructors at Fearless Faith are convinced a contributing factor to why 70 percent of young evangelicals admit to abandoning church is a lack of worldview and apologetics training for students in how to resist the influence of their atheist professors.

Frank Turek, founder of and author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, offers the Fearless Faith seminar to address the fact that college professors are five times more likely to be atheists than the general public and may be hostile toward Christianity. For complete article, here

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