Editorial: Is the Great Commission slipping beyond our grasp?

Christianity is growing, but not rapidly enough to fulfill the Great Commission, according to “The Future of World Religions,” a comprehensive demographic study from the Pew Research Center. The Pew report describes the roadblocks obstructing Christians’ path in the quest to fulfill Jesus’ demand to share the gospel with the whole world. For complete article click here

Expert from article:

Three tasks to make a difference

This is an enormously complex task; covering it in an editorial seems almost silly. But for the sake of argument, let’s say we could pick three tasks to make a difference. What should they be?

• First, produce sharper, more-informed Christians. To talk compellingly with “nones” (not to mention people on the margins of Christianity who are leaning toward abandoning belief), lay Christians need to be fluent in apologetics. It’s not about arguing theology. It’s simply understanding how to talk about faith and the “hard issues” of life with clarity and compassion.

If we’re going to lead people of other religions to Jesus, we can do a better job if we understand their beliefs. So, education on world religions is vital. Many are important, but if you only choose one, choose Islam.

So, is your church training laypeople to articulate their faith and to have spiritual conversations with people of other faiths or no faiths? If not, it’s a stretch to say you’re a Great Commission church.

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