Engaging with Islam-Training Course

Engaging with Islam is a video course designed to give Christians in Western countries a practical introduction to the history and teaching of Islam and a foundation for evangelism and answering common questions and challenges that their Muslim neighbors, co-workers, fellow-students, etc., may bring up in conversation. The course can be done individually, in a small group or as part of leadership training. Anyone can lead this course as leaders notes and answers are provided. The course is a mix of preparation material, group discussion and a video presentation.

What makes this course particularly appealing is the access to the course. The entire course is on-line and free! The course is conducted by Samuel Green, a Anglican Interfaith Chaplain and co-founder of the excellent research site: answering-islam.org (You can access Samuel’s articles here)

The following is the introductory video to the course:

The course can be accessed at the Engaging with Islam website, here

There are also many other evangelism resources at the Engaging with Islam website for use in ministering to your Muslim friends, so please take time to check it out and avail yourself of the resources.

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