Gary Habermas on 6 Skeptics-Approved Facts That Prove Jesus’ Resurrection

gary-habermasSpeaking at the Southern Evangelical Seminary’s annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics, Christian philosopher and historian Gary Habermas shared historical facts that a vast majority of scholars, including even skeptics, do not dispute — facts that are the basis for proving Jesus’ boldly resurrection.

“Of what did earliest preaching consist before there was a single New Testament book? What did the earliest Christian preaching look like before any books were written?” Habermas, a New Testament scholar, asked the audience, explaining that he would talk about what the first 20 years after Jesus’ Crucifixion looked like.

Oral testimonies are important as evidence of a historical event, he said Saturday at what’s known as America’s largest and longest-running apologetics conference. He added that studies have shown that if you have special reasons to remember special events, you’ll remember it more carefully for a longer period of time. For complete article, here

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