God Is No Thing by Rupert Shortt review – an excellent response to New Atheism

In one of his letters, CS Lewis repeats the story of an earnest atheistical school teacher instructing her young charges that all forms of animal life derived from the higher apes, under the impression that she was teaching them Darwinism. The anecdote is probably too good to be true, but it is a reminder that in any decently reasonable argument it helps to know what exactly it is that is being attacked or defended. Anyone writing off Darwinism on the grounds that the unfortunate teacher’s nonsense was what Darwinists “really” believed would not even begin to engage with Darwin’s views; there has to be some genuine attention to what is being said and to what it is like to hold it to be true – not what it feels like (though that may help) but how it “works”, what connections it sets up, what new twists it may give to familiar vocabulary, what new words and patterns of concepts it actually generates. For complete article, here

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