i2 Ministries-The Great Commission Among Muslims

I am highlighting i2 Ministries as I have found it to be one of the best equipping resources for reaching our Muslim neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The following are i2 Ministry endorsements from some of the outstanding evangelists and apologists of our day:

“As the Iron Curtain fell in the twentieth century, so the Islamic Curtain shielding the Muslim world from the proclamation of the Gospel is destined to fall in the twenty-first. The courses contained in i2 Ministries curriculum will help to equip churches and individuals to reach Muslims effectively with the life-changing message of Christ.”-Dr. William Lane Craig, Research Professor of Philosophy Biola University/Talbot School of Theology and Reasonable Faith President

“Having personally reviewed the proposals and teaching materials I can see that this organization will provide an educational and resourcing framework for the church that currently does not exist. The resources created by this strategic vision are essential to equip and train missionaries and lay leaders on and off the field in addition to bolstering the ministries of hundreds of organizations….I am personally committed to doing all that I can to serve the success of this ministry….Church based training is a trend and reality today…. There is no ministry that provides better training in churches for Ministry to Muslims than i2 Ministries. i2 Ministries’ “Mission Muslim World: Foundations” not only radicalizes the nominal church attender, but equips them to fulfill the great commission in their own life.”-Josh McDowell, President Josh McDowell Ministries

“For a number of years now, I have had the privilege of working with Joshua Lingel in his capacity as a dedicated Christian communicator to Muslims. Josh’s passion, scholarship, and vision have been translated into making helpful evangelistic, cultural and apologetic resources available to the wider church in a highly accessible way. I commend Josh and i2 Ministries for their efforts to foster biblical reflection on mission, to maintain high standards of biblical integrity and cultural sensitivity in the methods as well as the mission, and to engage Islamic thought in terms that are clear, faithful to the scripture and which offer a truly grace-based alternative for life.”-Stuart McAllister

I highly recommend the equipping resources at i2 Ministries for churches, whether small or large group, as well as for individuals who the Lord has called to the Muslim harvest field which is “white unto harvest.” The i2 Ministries site and resources can be found at: https://i2ministries.org

i2 Ministries video courses can be found at: https://thewadi.org The courses address a wide range of topics, such as:

Islam’s Issues, Agendas, and the Great Commission-Dr. Joshua Lingel
Radical Evangelism to Muslims-Dr. Jay Smith
Muslim Evangelism and Discipleship-Rev. Georges Houssney
The Cutting Edge Between Islam and Christianity-Dr. John Gilchrist

…and much, much more. If you want to be equipped in meeting the Muslim challenge and being the ambassador for Christ that He has called you to be, this is the program for you!

i2 Ministry Vision-Dr. Joshua Lingel, president of i2 Ministries

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