The Jesus Trilogy—documentary series

The Jesus Trilogy documentary series, is an excellent resource to use with your non-believing friend whom you want to introduce to the Christian faith and the historical grounding upon which it stands. This documentary series was produced in the Middle East, giving it an authentic background as to the origins of the Christian faith.

Each of the documentaries is interwoven with thought-provoking questions such as: Who is God?; what is God like?; what does God do?; etc., which challenges the viewer to take an interactive journey that leads to the answers that only the Christian worldview can provide.

The DVD set includes three documentaries covering different aspects of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection:

The Jesus Accounts — This documentary explores the historical accuracy and reliability of the New Testament accounts of the life of Jesus by examining the ancient evidence available to experts today. It is an illuminating program for believers as well as those seeking to understand whether the Scriptures’ teaching about Jesus is reliable. (30 minutes)

Jesus: Dead and Buried? — Two thousand years ago Christians said Jesus had been crucified as the “Lamb of God” and that he had risen again “from the dead.” But how can we know if what they said is true? Luke Waldock travels to Jerusalem and sifts through the evidence to find answers. (47 minutes)

Jesus: Son of God? — For centuries Christians have been declaring that Jesus is the Son of God. When did all this begin? How could men and women, who believed in one God, think that God had a Son? Luke Waldock sets out on a journey to discover when, where, and how this vital Christian belief originated. (33 minutes)

The Jesus Trilogy DVD can be ordered at:

Vision Videohere Cost: $14.95USD
(The DVD version has a language option for: English, Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, Turkish, Urdu.)

The Jesus Trilogy can also be found on Youtube, here. The Youtube version is only in English at the time of this writing. If your friend is an Arabic, Farsi, etc., speaker, I would suggest that you order the DVD set that has the language options.

The following is the trailer for the segment,The Jesus Accounts:

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