Pokémon Go: Demonic Danger or Outreach Opportunity? Christians Deliberate

As the augmented reality game Pokémon Go is increasingly gaining popularity across the world, Christians have expressed varying viewpoints across the spectrum, with some calling the game a demonic influence, and others embracing it and putting up signs at their churches welcoming Pokémon Go players.

The game has been a topic of concern and interest for Christians not only because it is one of the most significant cultural phenomena in recent weeks (the game has had more than 15 million downloads as of July 13 according to SensorTower, and has some 21 million active daily users in the U.S. as of July 11 according to SurveyMonkey), but also because many churches are actually a part of the game, either as PokéStops (locations where players can gather free items) or gyms (where players can battle against each other with their best Pokémon). For complete article, here

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