reMind Conference-RZIM-Michigan, USA-July 29-30 2016

reMind-Renewing the Mind-Revolutionizing the Culture
Conference web site/registration, here

Thank you for your interest in our 2nd Annual reMind Conference. Last year, our first conference was a hit, as over 540 youth and young adults (as well as some not so young adults!) had their minds renewed so they could revolutionize the culture. That is the recurring theme of reMind—taken from the Apostle Paul’s words in Romans 12:2 “be transformed by the renewal of your MIND.”

Everything that was once considered foundational is now being challenged. Western culture stands at a precipice as it runs headlong into a future of its own making. And you, our youth and young adults, are at the forefront, being pushed ever closer to the edge. And so we’ve brought some of the best speakers in the world to help you hold the line and withstand the challenges that threaten to push you over the edge.

But it isn’t enough to just withstand the challenges. As ambassadors for Christ, we need to stand with our challengers. Those who challenge the Christian faith are not our enemies. They are, like us, sinners in need of a Savior. The gospel’s beauty is founded in two ways: (1) it has the evidence and logic that allows it to withstand the intellectual challenges of our day, and (2) its truths are so beautifully intertwined that they can touch the challenger’s heart.

To equip you to present these two foundations, we’ve assembled world-class speakers and scholars. Check out our speakers’ pages on this site. Top communicators will teach you how to defend the Bible, understand the history of the Resurrection, and see how science and Christianity complement each other. You’ll learn how to address tough contemporary issues like sexuality and tolerance as well.

We’ve had you in mind every step of the way. On behalf of RZIM, our volunteers, and the rest of the speakers, I invite you to browse our site and register for what is sure to be an amazing weekend.

Abdu Murray
North American Director, RZIM

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