‘Star Wars’ serves up religion for the secular age

From the article: “As a teacher of theology and apologetics, one of Minish’s favorite topics of conversation is the concept of the Force and how it differs from modern Christianity.
“Christianity is rather unique in that it makes the claims that the world does not have a unifying impersonal force that governs all things, but rather a personal God in whom all things hold together,” he said. “That means that the one who governs all things may be known, but not manipulated or tapped into via technology.
“God serves his own ends and agenda, and not one of human creation.”
In a time when Americans are divided along religious lines, can a movie that borrows so much from so many different faiths unite us?
Probably not, said Minish. “But it can remind us that there are things we agree upon. It’s more of an escape, because the ‘Star Wars’ universe tends to give answers that aren’t all that easy to find in the real world.
“But it reminds us of our common humanity, a desire for heroes and for doing something great.” For complete article, here

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