The Case For Christ makes the leap to the silver screen

In 1980, committed atheist Lee Strobel took on the case of his life.
His wife, Leslie, had found a new faith in Jesus Christ and it was ruining his marriage. He decided that if he could prove that Jesus did not rise from the dead, he could free Leslie from “the cult” of Christianity.
“I saw Christianity as a cult, a mind-control of some sort, that was trying to lure her into a different world where I wasn’t welcome,” he said. “I thought I could disprove it in a weekend, but it took a year and nine months, in the end, to come to the opposite conclusion.”
Using his skills as an award-winning legal editor for The Chicago Tribune, Strobel launched an investigation into the historicity of Jesus’ Resurrection. The results of his findings convinced him of the truth of Holy Scripture.
“Everybody takes a leap of faith in one direction or the other. We can’t know anything with absolute certainty short of two plus two equals four,” said Strobel, who turned from atheist to Christian apologist. “But the way I see faith, it’s a step we take in the same direction the evidence is pointing.”
A new film based on Strobel’s 1998 Christian apologetics book The Case for Christ hits theatres April 7. It recounts Strobel’s journey researching the science, history and philosophy behind the most important event in Christianity.
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