Asking questions is vital in sharing the Gospel…just ask Greg Koukl

Author and apologist, Greg Koukl, has just begun a new video series on how to share the Gospel. Greg is a master of the art of asking questions, and has outlined his evangelism methods in his book, Tactics-A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions. (I HIGHLY recommend this book-it will revolutionize your evangelistic approach and effectiveness in bringing your friends, co-workers, neighbors, fellow-students, etc. one step closer to Jesus Christ.)

The first video is:

Want to share the Gospel? Start with this questionhere

The second video:

Focus on Gardeninghere

The third video:

The Burden-Free Step in Discussing Christian Beliefshere

And there are more equipping videos to come from Greg, so keep visiting Stand to to catch the latest.

Here’s Greg teaching what he calls the ‘Columbo tactic’, which he explains in his book, Tactics, as, “The key to the Columbo tactic is to go on the offensive in an inoffensive way by using carefully selected questions to productively advance the conversation. Simply put, never make a statement, at least at first, when a question will do the job…The Columbo tactic is a disarming way to go on the offensive with carefully selected questions that productively advance the conversation. This approach has many advantages. Questions can be excellent conversation starters. They are interactive by nature inviting others to participate in dialogue. They are neutral, protecting you from getting “preachy,” helping you make headway without stating your case. Questions buy valuable time. Finally, they are essential to keeping you in control of the conversation…the question, “What do you mean by that?” is your first step to managing conversations. Use it often.” (Tactics, pg. 47, 56-7)

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